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Sprints and scrums and not a sportsperson in sight

I don’t think the extent of planning and organisation that occurs when developing software is actually understood. The entire process, even before the team begins working and most definitely during the process is an extensive and timeous process. Different companies use different processes of working. For Smudge, we believe in the agile...

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Agile methodology and software development

The building of software is a lengthy process that includes an extensive team of experts and a comprehensive plan of action. The extent of work behind the scenes is not always visible and although many believe that it is as simple as putting an idea together, typing in a few codes and the software is...

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Secure your site and your device from hackers

Hackers are real, and hacking is a real threat. If your computer and website are not protected by the latest security software and firewalls, chances are you could become a victim of a malicious hacker. It's time to secure your site from hackers. Limiting the chances of being hacked starts with knowing how hackers operate. They...

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Are you keeping your website valid in today’s competitive market?

Six months ago, when we were welcoming in 2020, no one could have predicted a global pandemic shutting down the world, destroying economies, bringing industries down. Now the question is - Is your website valid in today's competitive market? Businesses have been hard hit during this pandemic, and many found out very quickly the need for a...

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Why is a ‘functioning marketing-tool’ website so important?

In this age of modern technology, social media and search engine intelligence…not having a website is no longer an option, but simply slapping any website up onto the World Wide Web may be more detrimental than having no site at all. As more and more people are now using the internet as their first point...

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What makes a good website?

We all know how crucial a website is for your business in today’s business arena. Whether you are a start-up or a corporate you cannot afford not to have an online presence today. Often I am asked the question: What makes a good website? And usually the answers I give seems to take my clients by...

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Make your website mobile friendly

Nowadays, we don’t only rely on our phones to keep us in contact with family and friends, but rely on them as necessary tools to conduct work, socialise and be exposed to readily available information when we demand it – and, to think, all of this is available in the palm of our hands.  It...

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