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Are you keeping your website valid in today’s competitive market?

Six months ago, when we were welcoming in 2020, no one could have predicted a global pandemic shutting down the world, destroying economies, bringing industries down. Now the question is - Is your website valid in today's competitive market? Businesses have been hard hit during this pandemic, and many found out very quickly the need for a...

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Why is a ‘functioning marketing-tool’ website so important?

In this age of modern technology, social media and search engine intelligence…not having a website is no longer an option, but simply slapping any website up onto the World Wide Web may be more detrimental than having no site at all. As more and more people are now using the internet as their first point...

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What makes a good website?

We all know how crucial a website is for your business in today’s business arena. Whether you are a start-up or a corporate you cannot afford not to have an online presence today. Often I am asked the question: What makes a good website? And usually the answers I give seems to take my clients by...

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Make your website mobile friendly

Nowadays, we don’t only rely on our phones to keep us in contact with family and friends, but rely on them as necessary tools to conduct work, socialise and be exposed to readily available information when we demand it – and, to think, all of this is available in the palm of our hands.  It...

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SEO writing and its importance

Imagine you are looking to buy a red car, and when you walk onto the show room floor of the car dealership all you can see are red cars – hundreds, thousands, so many you don’t where to begin. Now, imagine this car dealership is the Internet and the cars are the result of your...

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your businesses websites visibility across search engines. There are many factors to SEO that need to be met before your website will show up in searches.

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