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Secure your site and your device from hackers

Hackers are real, and hacking is a real threat. If your computer and website are not protected by the latest security software and firewalls, chances are you could become a victim of a malicious hacker. It’s time to secure your site from hackers.

Limiting the chances of being hacked starts with knowing how hackers operate. They can access your computer without any authorisation and install dangerous malware without you knowing, until it is too late. Tactics such as phishing scams, spam emails, instant messages and fake websites can be used to deliver malicious malware to your devices. Your computer can also be hacked directly if you do not have a firewall or an up-to-date security program to protect it. This malware allows the hacker to gain access to your personal information and your website’s user information, which can include banking details and addresses. In fact, any information you keep on your servers, and anything you do on your computer is now available to the hacker.

Once a hacker has infected your computer, it is now their computer too. While you are connected to the Internet, they will have access to your conversations, emails, banking details etc, and follow every transaction you make. This information can be sold to third party individuals, used to ruin your credit score, make purchases – whatever you do on your computer, they will be able to see and do. The same goes for your website, they will have access to all the information you store and use it for their own personal gain.

Over the last decade many well-known companies have fallen victim to hackers, and have had to inform their users of these occurrences, putting their credibility in question. When this happens, the company needs to start building trust once again to try and mitigate the fallout with current users and customers, while still attracting new customers to keep their business running.

What should you do if your site has been hacked?

You need to contact a professional development company who is able to remove the malware, backdoors and viruses from your server, and then purchase website protection. This is also the perfect opportunity for your specialist to locate any “soft spots” in the code and eliminate them immediately. This will prevent a similar attack from happening again. Hackers like to reserve ways for further hacking into your site, even after they have been found out.