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SEO writing and its importance

Imagine you are looking to buy a red car, and when you walk onto the show room floor of the car dealership all you can see are red cars – hundreds, thousands, so many you don’t where to begin. Now, imagine this car dealership is the Internet and the cars are the result of your search. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing, when used correctly, sets your website apart from the others. This is where your agency needs to understand SEO writing and its importance of website success.

Most internet users when searching the internet won’t go past the first page, and to make sure your website features on this page without paying for it requires effective SEO writing. However, SEO writing does not ONLY rely on engaging content – the internet doesn’t judge the copy on who wrote it the best – it’s about knowing how to use SEO elements to bring your website to the forefront.

Search engines use algorithms focusing on hundreds of ranking factors to rank websites according to relevance and popularity, and this is what SEO writing aims to influence. Google uses over 200 ranking factors, but if we divide this into four different sections it helps to see what needs to be included:

  • Content – using keywords (and using them often) in your copy is important. These keywords must be words that users will use when searching, and should therefore be simple. No one is going to search for “cost effective air transport”, but they will search for “cheap flights”. Other page elements that affect the ranking are the number of words, and the images used.
  • Mobile optimization – having a mobile version of your website is important, as this allows your page to be available to users who prefer to use their phones to search.
  • Backlinks – these are links from other websites to your page, and vice versa. If these backlinks come from credible, high ranking websites, the popularity of your website will increase.
  • Trustworthiness – how safe your website is and its domain also play a role in the ranking.

SEO writing does primarily focus on content, however knowing what goes on throughout your entire site and how everything can work together, is important to get the most effective results.