Mobile Apps for Casinos


A smudge mobile casino app can help you showcase your casino venue, marketing your venue, promoting services and facilities and enticing customers to visit your casino to hit the jackpot! An app is also an ideal tool for customer loyalty programmes, encouraging gamers to keep coming back to test their luck. A pre built ready to go mobile app is an essential marketing and communication medium to put your casino on the map and to keep the dice rolling and the coins stacking up.


Don’t Gamble with Loyalty

A mobile casino app is an effective way of promoting your casino to attract new business. Importantly, the mobile app also helps you to retain existing customers with an appealing loyalty programme. Beat the odds and keep casino clientele happy with must-have rewards and gaming incentives. More cost-effective than traditional SMS and advertising initiatives, a casino app also enables direct marketing strategies using free and unlimited push messaging. You can use the app to highlight upcoming events, promote special offers and to provide details about recent winners. You can also provide useful information about related casino services such as hotels, taxis, restaurants, cinemas, theatre bookings, festivals and retail store promotions. Online reservations for casino tables, gaming competitions, hotel and restaurant bookings are also possible and can be included in your app functionality.


Bet on Effective Marketing

Your app can inform and remind customers about special gaming events, jackpots, prizes on offer and reservations. You can also use your casino app to run competitions and incentivise guests to post a review of your gaming establishment on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Recommendations are easy with a one-click solution. You can assess the benefits of your app investment by reviewing online reports that track calls, clicks, reservations, reviews, referrals and facility ratings.


Win Big with Our Ready To Launch Mobile App!

More powerful than a traditional website, a tailored casino app can provide guests with plenty of useful information, like useful links, maps, directions, gaming hours, galleries, special jackpots and on-site services. Up the ante and change the way you interact with casino guests by rolling out a technologically-advanced app designed especially for small or large casinos.


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