Mobile Apps for Doctors


This mobile app is especially designed for a doctor’s medical practice can help you communicate more effectively with patients, making people feel informed and valued.  An app can also enhance your marketing and promotional efforts, helping you to attract and retain patients and grow your practice.


Efficient Booking with Real Time Reservations

A doctor’s mobile app is an ideal appointment scheduling tool, enabling patients to make enquiries and request appointments directly from your app calendar. The app can integrate in real time with your existing booking system to ensure efficient scheduling. Push messaging, which is free and unlimited, can confirm bookings and also send out reminders to reduce the number of last-minute cancellations and late arrivals. In this way, an app can make your medical practice operations more cost effective and more efficient than ever.


Unobtrusive Marketing

More cost-effective than SMS and telephone calls, an app enables direct marketing using free and unlimited push messaging.


Word of Mouth Appeal

Value-added features in your app can include details of consultation rates, product lines, medical services available and after-hours emergency procedures. The app also presents new opportunities to use social media to grow your medical practice. One-click links to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be built-in features. You can assess the benefits of your app investment by reviewing online reports that track enquiries, reservations, referrals and app downloads.


Put Your Practice on the Map!

More powerful than a traditional website, a tailored doctor’s app can provide new and existing patients with plenty of useful information, like direct telephone links, maps, directions, practice hours and handy links. Change the way you interact with medical patients and move forward with a technologically-advanced app designed especially for the medical sector.


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