Mobile Apps for Schools


Quick and effective communication is an imperative for schools nowadays. A customised mobile school app can help schools, teachers, learners and parents to stay up-to-date, informed and involved. Mobile phone technology is ideal for school apps, equipping people with everything they need to share information about calendar events, sports competitions, homework lists, bus schedules, school resources and important dates to diarise. Transform the way you communicate and position your school as a leading institution for quality, competence and trusted organisational capabilities.

Master and Manage Extra Murals

Make it easy for teachers, learners and parents to manage school and extra mural activities by using a school app to relay important information about diaries, events, locations, departure times and bus arrival times. A school app is an ideal platform on which to share news, calendars, galleries, resources, emergency alerts and useful school contacts. Scheduled announcements and automated SMS reminders can be sent, enhancing planning and event management. Your school app can manage all of your scheduling or be integrated with your existing software.


Flex Your Marketing Muscle

More cost-effective than traditional advertising initiatives and SMS campaigns, a school app enables you to implement direct marketing strategies using free and unlimited push messaging. You can use a school app to promote school news, to highlight important events and to post pictures of school activities and pupils’ achievements.


Tap into Social Media

Value-added features in your school app can help to promote your school in your wider community. A one-click option can facilitate reviews and enable posts on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can assess the benefits of your app investment by reviewing online reports that track contacts, responses, usage, reviews and shares.


Put Your School in the Global Arena With a Mobile App!

More powerful than a traditional website, a tailored school app can provide your school community with plenty of useful information, like real time updates, direct telephone links, maps, directions, event times, facilities, photo galleries and timetables. Change the way you engage and interact with your school community and move boldly into the future with a technologically-advanced app designed especially for your school.


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