Mobile Apps for Spas


A smudge mobile app can help you attract new customers to your spa and reward existing customers by providing a value-added loyalty programme.  Take your loyalty scheme to another level with scan to check in functionality built into your app. An app is ideal for standalone spas or a chain of multiple spa venues. Use your app to grow your customer base and drive sales.

Keep Attracting Customers…

This app is an ideal marketing tool to promote your spa. More cost-effective than SMS and traditional advertising initiatives, an app enables you to implement direct marketing strategies using free and unlimited push messaging. You can use your app to keep customers informed about spa discounts, product promotions, treatment menus and special offers.


Efficient Scheduling with Real Time Reservations

Our mobile app will launch your on-line responsive booking system where your clients can still do bookings by launching this through the app. Automated SMS reminders can be sent to spa guests, reducing the number of last-minute cancellations and late arrivals. This functionality helps make your spa operations more efficient than ever.


Build Customer Loyalty

Your tailored app can include appealing loyalty rewards to help make your spa an appealing treatment destination. Using simple Quick Response (QR) codes, customers can sign up to receive news, emails, special offers and spa incentives. Clients can also redeem vouchers and accumulate points towards future purchases. All this online activity helps boosts loyalty and increases repeat business by keeping customers coming back for more.


Word of Mouth Appeal                                                                                                                                                      

Complement your sales strategy with free and unlimited push messaging. Broadcast details about spa events, new products and treatment specials. Your app’s in-built gallery can display photos of stock items and product lines. One-click functionality can also encourage customers to post reviews of your spa on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can assess the benefits of your app investment by reviewing online reports that track calls, reservations, feedback, social media posts and app downloads. You can also publish plenty of useful information, like addresses, maps, directions and trading hours.


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