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Online Marketing Strategies

The internet offers a diverse range of online marketing opportunities including corporate websites, e-commerce platforms and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Nowadays it’s essential for companies to build a strong web presence strategically in order to grow their brand and ensure a sustainable income stream.

Online Brand Management

With an in-depth understanding of strategic web development, smudge is ideally placed to assist your business to establish the ideal online marketing strategy. We can advise, design and develop a variety of online campaigns to market your business, enhance client relationships, grow sales and network more effectively. We are also a storehouse of creative ideas and tailored innovations to suit your business and have the technological skills to make things happen.

We assist clients with things like online marketing campaigns, online advertising, competitions, social networking, instant messaging, electronic ticketing, corporate events, concert promotions, CRM innovation, web seminars, online training, teleconferencing and digital marketing. Using creative flair, we will help you design and manage powerful marketing campaigns. Aspects of these include electronic invitations, automated response emails, RSVP tracking, data management, social media set-up, online newsletters, blogs, client surveys, brand-building initiatives, measurement of online effectiveness and statistical reporting.

Using a mix of customised software development and proven web diagnostics, smudge is able to integrate marketing strategies with your existing systems. We also have the skills to create new tools, web Apps and data management options uniquely designed to match your unique requirements. Experience has shown us how these can improve productivity within your operations while also opening up a world of new marketing opportunities.

We can advise you on useful tools to help with related online marketing functions. These include tools for project management, SEO, file management, social media management, visual content management, and Google – including advice and information on Google Analytics, Google Insights and Google Alerts. We can train you on how to use these effectively or you can leave this task up to us to manage on your behalf.

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