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Record your software process flows: Gearing Up to Cut Costs

Many client-facing businesses need to operate call centres to ensure good customer care. These can be costly and risky facilities, renowned for staff training pre-requisites, high staff turnover and bad service. To address these shortcomings, smudge offers online tutorial solutions to train staff as well as customers on how to use your company’s products and services more effectively.

Corporate training materials and online screen process recordings can be customised and specially designed to suit your business requirements. Automated online tutorials, using click and play functionailty, provides a host of advantages and smudge can advise you on ways to display your software process flow to your audience. Being web-based, we develop online screen recorded processes that operate across multiple online devices. These include office-based PCs, laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones (for iPads or Android systems).

Customised screen recordings can sit in the cloud and be accessed 24/7.

Interactive training is a great tool that steers customers through step-by-step guides using dynamic training material, tailored scripts, voice-over-narration and detailed ‘how to…’ guides with play and pause functionality. smudge has created e-trading and e-training platforms successfully and offers turnkey services, from start to finish.

Talk to us about how online training functionality could help you tackle your training requirements, providing value-added services to your customers and also taking care of internal training needs in a more cost-effective way. This new approach to training can reduce calls to call centres significantly, reducing support time and saving you money.

Contact us for more information and let us introduce you to the world of e-learning. We will advise you on the best way to implement e-learning within your business and show you various demos of how these work in the online environment.

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