Value-Added Web Expertise


Value-Added Services: Leverage Off Our Web Expertise

With a well-established track record and a team of skilled experts, smudge has the skills and experience required to set your business up for greater success. We blend market-leading trends with technological innovation and creative flair to create exciting websites that benefit your company and your customers. Key services we offer include the following:

Web domains

We can secure and register any number of web names and domains

Web hosting

We offer reliable website hosting services including set-up, traffic management and linked mailboxes

Hosting Security

We provide website back-ups, anti-spam filters and virus checking software


We have skilled IT specialists to provide custom software development for web programming and development


We can implement a range of proven encryption technology to ensure secure e-commerce transactions

Our value-added services are customised to suit your business size and your unique requirements. For example, we offer simple start-up options for small businesses and expand these to cater for mid-size businesses as well as the complex online needs of large corporate and multinational companies.

View our Portfolio page to see examples of our work.

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