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Value-Added Services

Leverage off our web expertise

With a well-established track record and a team of skilled experts, Smudge has the skills and experience required to set your business up for greater success. We blend market-leading trends with technological innovation and creative flair to create exciting websites that benefit your company and your customers. Key services we offer...

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Professional Software Development Company

Smudge software development company offers its clients custom software development, taking into account your needs and expectations. Experienced developers are an integral part of the Smudge family, and it takes an experienced team made up of senior developers, strategists, creatives, project managers, testers and copy writers to give you the best possible end-product. The skills to...

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Corporate Identity and Brand Development

Having partnered with a variety of clients across multiple industries over the years, Smudge has experienced insight into how a website can complement a company’s brand strategy and its corporate identity (CI). With astute web design, our creative team knows how to pack a visual punch and help your business make an awesome first impression...

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Social Media Management Company

With rapid advances in mobile technology and online communication channels, social media allows people anywhere in the world to interact – sharing information, exchanging ideas and transferring data, photos, videos, cash and products via a virtual network. This platform is highly interactive and enables users to generate, edit and share content widely, as they see...

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Online Marketing Brand Management

Online Marketing Strategies

The internet offers a diverse range of online marketing opportunities including corporate websites, e-commerce platforms and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Nowadays it’s essential for companies to build a strong web presence strategically in order to grow their brand and ensure a sustainable income stream.

Online Brand Management

With an...

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Professional SEO Company

Let’s get you to the top of the list...

Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to ways of getting your website the best possible position in a search ranking when certain keywords relating to your business are typed into a search engine. Through Smudge’s extensive experience in this field your website will be given the best possible...

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Mobile App Development Company

As a development company we understand how mobile apps have revolutionised the way we run and organize our lives. Having your “life” at your fingertips is becoming more and more common, and even more and more necessary. The growth of the mobile app industry is increasing, as the need to have a handle on every...

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Website Strategy

With a team of specialists who have gained valuable experience in the corporate arena over many years, we appreciate the potential marketing and sales value of a truly effective website. When we design and develop a website for a client, we ensure that it’s more than just a good visual online presence. Our starting point...

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Professional Web Design and Development

Smudge offers more than just good web design; we pride ourselves on being a professional web design and development company. In addition to a skilled creative team and innovative software developers, we build websites that complement your key business objectives, ensuring that your website delivers what’s needed in terms of driving new business through viable...

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E-Commerce Website Company

Secure Online Shopping

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is an online revolution currently sweeping the internet. It provides businesses with an opportunity to market and sell goods and services online, locally or globally. Smudge has pioneered e-commerce in South Africa, helping clients to set up fast, integrated and secure sites that offer end-users a good online experience.


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