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Make your website mobile friendly

Nowadays, we don’t only rely on our phones to keep us in contact with family and friends, but rely on them as necessary tools to conduct work, socialise and be exposed to readily available information when we demand it – and, to think, all of this is available in the palm of our hands.  It is for this reason why websites need to be mobile friendly and give users the same experience they would have as if searching on their PC.

Many believe that if a website works effectively on their PC or laptop it will work the same on their phones, but this is a complete misconception. Think about it … you are taking content that is designed to attract viewers on a screen 15 inches or bigger and squeezing it onto a screen that is under a third of that size – it’s not going to work.

By ignoring the mobile community, your business is losing out on a large number of leads which means your profits are affected. The analytics that Smudge web design agency have been running over the last 2 years clearly shows that mobile users are as important as your desktop visitors. Although, mobile users look for and engage with information differently to desktop users, this is not a reason to overlook them. Mobile users like to engage with visuals and short videos, and the information that they are searching for needs to be easily accessible. They don’t have the time or the data to search through pages and pages of small text to find what they are looking for.

When designing your website, keep the following in mind for it to be mobile compatible:

  • Make it easy for users to navigate effortlessly on their phones.
  • The copy font size needs to be big enough for users to read.
  • Too much copy will deter users from continuing on your page.
  • Large, clear pictures will attract attention.
  • Make your button sizes large enough to work on your mobile site.
  • Make sure your website loads quickly, otherwise the user will move onto the next option.

Designing your website to have the ability to attract and keep the attention of mobile users is crucial, and should not be ignored, but insisted on.