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What makes a good website?

We all know how crucial a website is for your business in today’s business arena. Whether you are a start-up or a corporate you cannot afford not to have an online presence today.

Often I am asked the question: What makes a good website? And usually the answers I give seems to take my clients by surprise.

Website strategy

You cannot have a good website that will serve your target audience if you do not have a sound strategy before you start. You need to have a very clear understanding of what you want out of your website and how it is going to be presented to your target audience.

Website structure

The structure of your site needs to be planned and well thought out. This is where your users will navigate their way through your pages and find the content that is most relative to them. A messy structure will mean a poor user experience which will result in your potential clients not engaging with your company and finding another company to spend their money on.

Keyword analysis

Before you even think of writing content for your website you will need to do your homework. This entails researching key terms / phrases that your audience is using as search terms across search engines. Once you have identified these terms and understand what to target only then do you start writing content for your website. This is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and if done correctly will drive traffic to your website.

The website design

At this point, after all the research and strategy have been completed, is it time to focus on the website design look and feel. This needs to represent your company in the market. The design is the front end of your site and the way it looks, operates and offers the client a clean environment, the better the user experience will be.
I do feel that the more planning and strategy you have done on your site the better your design will be.

Website tracking

If you are with a good website company their part will not end once the site is launched. They should be tracking visitors and reporting back to you on a monthly basis as to how the website is performing. There are a number of tools to do this and at smudge we leverage a lot on the tools Google offers such as Google webmaster tools and Google analytics.

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